About us


Our story behind our success & achievement

It is clear that the shopping trend has shifted from traditional stores to online shopping, with the advantages of saving shopping time and convenient delivery. The recent Covid period has contributed to the increase of online “green markets” in densely populated areas and large residential and urban areas. Besides the convenience it brings, there are still many annoyances for both sellers and buyers when “communicating” on platforms like Facebook groups or Zalo.

For buyers, it includes instances of buying goods that do not match the advertised quality, having to purchase in larger quantities than needed, and being more prone to impulsive buying rather than actual needs.

For sellers, especially homemakers starting out with online businesses, they face numerous issues, from reduced interaction on social media platforms, spending too much time posting and editing content, to challenges in delivery and managing inventory. They do not receive any support in customer care for existing customers or in finding new customers, thus encountering numerous difficulties in trying to increase sales.

Additionally, the majority of them face significant challenges in debt recovery. This makes selling on market groups not yet truly appealing to many people.

These concerns are precisely why Cymart is here today.

Cymart’s mission is to become a trusted e-commerce platform, accompanying and providing utility services specifically for residents in urban residential areas. It aims to connect not only products and services among residents but also create an effective community connection effect, thereby bringing about valuable outcomes where every member is both a Giver and a Receiver!